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This is Les McBride's Digital Portfolio of all of his work in the Western Oregon University Information Technology Program. While it is centered on showing off the work Les has done there are many examples and ideas that a teacher could use.

Literature Reviews:
  • Is technology worth the cost?
  • The media influence of young latinos.
  • Open world communication.
  • Illegal immigration in the media.
  • Vocabulary studies for Spanish-English conversions
  • Indirect pronoun activities
  • Telling time in spanish
  • Vowel sounds in spanish
  • Cooking show presentation
  • Story book project
  • Menu project
  • Spanish at Sprague website
  • Direct object pronoun game
  • Spanish conjugation charts and visual flashcards

The literature reviews are worthwhile for teachers to read to stay current with important technological literature. 
Les' ePortfolio has quite a few high quality links that relate to spanish language learning. There are games, lesson plans, activities and projects that can help students learn Spanish and help teachers have resources and get ideas to help improve the Spanish classroom.

High Quality

Les McBride

Point of View or Bias:
This e-Portfolio is from Les's point of view and has a bias about his work, but it does not detract from the usefulness of the webpage.

Referral to Other Sources:
Some of the work is refereed to other host websites.

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