Site Name: LiveMocha

Type of Resource
A language learning social networking site.

Livemocha is the world's largest online language learning community, offering free and paid online language courses in 35 languages. (About Us)
This social networking site is a language learning community in which you can get involved in chats, audio recording software, many exercises and flashcards. (Social Media)

The primary use is to learn a new language. Depending on what language you want to learn and how you want to learn it, there is a price. It is commonly referenced that immersion is one of the best ways to learn a language and while this is not your average immersion this is a way to jump into conversations with people who speak and can help you learn whatever language you would like to know. The website also has exercises, software and flashcards to help you learn although some come at a price and you must register to use the website.

While the typical k-12 education system may not be the best place to use this regularly I see a variety of possible uses. You could sign up your high school class and use this as a type of second language pen pals. With the ability to teach your language while learning others it would help create pen pal type relationships as well as achieve immersion in a way that is not available at most schools. Parents could also monitor students who want to learn another language that is not offered at a school and this website could help guide them to basic understanding, while creating relationships.

High quality at a high price. For English, French, Spanish, German and Italian, the course cost a minimum of $29 a month. Basic language learning is available for registration in more than 35 languages. "When learners submit coursework for peer review, native speakers in that language can provide feedback on how that learner is progressing. Users can aid others in learning the languages that they are proficient in while learning other languages themselves." (Wikipedia)

LiveMocha, Inc.
Co-Founder Shirish Nadkami, and CEO Michael Schutzler.

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Community based and updated regularly.

Traffic Rank is 4,344 in the World
1,753 Sites Link into LiveMocha.
In the last 3 months there has been a +3% change in visitors visiting LiveMocha.
The load time for LiveMocha is 2.665 seconds which is a slow speed.
Relative to the general internet population edutopia is most popular with 18-24 year old Females with a college degree.

There are 201 total problems. 10 should fix, and 10 may fix.
Some of the problems are that the form element doesn't feature a label, the UserRememberMe form element doesn't feature a label and a dropdown menu option must be selected by default.

There are 5 accessibility errors. The errors are from Multiple form lables. There is invisible content and incorrectly ordered headings.

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LiveMocha has a grade of a 97/100
There are 281,000 indexed pages.
LiveMocha's blog has a grade of 74
The readability level is Advanced/Doctoral Degree.
On the 10 point MOZ scale of link authority and popularity LiveMocha has a 5.8
There are 3,907 linking domains.

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Rank is 36,757 out of over 9 million.
LiveMocha has 16,109 followers
"Our Commitment: We will not rest until every person on Earth is fluent in at least two languages."
Seattle, WA

Google Page Rank

Slogan: "Creating a world in which every human being is fluent in multiple languages."
Commercial? Yes
Type of site: Social Network Service
Registration: Required for some services
Available language(s): Multiple
Owner: Livemocha, Inc.
Created by: Shirish Nadkarni, Co-Founder; Michael Schutzler, CEO
Launched: 24 Sep 2007
Revenue: undisclosed
Current status: Official/paying

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