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Disrupting Class Video Review

Disrupting Class is a book by Clayton Christensen, Curtuis W. Johnson, and Michael B. Horn. This video was my review of this big thinkers book and my first attempt at a video review. The content within it is much more valuable then any paper I would have written and I touch on many more subjects than I could have in a paper. It was amazing how hard it was to cut down on size, as I initially thought it would be a 4-5 minute video and it ballooned up to 13 minutes with probably 12 or so left on the cutting room floor.

Oversold and Underused Video Review

Oversold and Underused is a book by Larry Cuban. This was my follow up to the previous video and I think I had a better grasp on where to take the video process itself and was more organized to begin with. While it was still a talking head video, I start to incorporate cutaways and transitions a bit better. My video, while the same length, still incorporates a lot of material and some concise thoughts.