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Type of Resource
Teacher and Administrator resource looking at what works in education.

Edutopia is the George Lucas Educational Foundation. The goal is to help teachers and administrators find solutions for education by documenting, disseminating, and avocation solutions related to what they believe are the six Core Strategies. (Integrated students, project learning, social and emotional learning, technology integration, teacher development, and comprehensive assessment.)

The main use of this website is to look at current research and strategies that have been documented. There are videos and articles related to new studies, articles and information to help better engage students and improve the learning process. This website should be a part of every teacher and administrators reader or bookmarks. While it is not needed to agree with everything presented it is a nice central place to find new studies and information. There is a community to join consisted of other educators who are activly commenting on articles and videos, as well as offering up their own discussion topics.

  • Edutopia.org: An in-depth and interactive resource, Edutopia.org offers practical, hands-on advice, real-world examples, lively contributions from practitioners, and invaluable tips and tools. (Vision)
  • Edutopia video: Through an extensive offering of documentaries, Edutopia video is a catalyst for innovation by helping educators and parents, as well as business and community leaders, see and understand pioneering best practices.
I find this website useful to look at new ideas and tools for my everyday teaching. By the time the next school year starts I will be out of graduate school and I will need to seek out new resources to help continue my knowledge base. There are also pdf resources and webinars available for educators. Overall, edutopia is a great starting place for an educator to gain new knowledge.

High quality videos and blog posts. The articles and discussion opinions of the community are really well put together and thought out. A lively and involved community help contribute to the feel of a professional educational resource.

The George Lucas Educational Foundation

Point of View or Bias
There is a bias toward what they believe are the six goals that should be part of education. The articles chosen and videos displayed are from schools that they believe work or directly tied into their goals.

Referral to Other Sources
Hyperlinks within articles when talking about different resources or ideas.

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"Inspiration and information for what works in education.."
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