Site Name: SMART Exchange

Type of Resource
SMART board lessons in a variety of subjects and for a variety of games.

A community based SMART board resource. In a variety of subjects, grades and file types you have SMART board lessons that you can download or you can upload and share your own resource. There is also a forum to connect with other teachers in regards to SMART board technology or lessons.
Registration is need to upload resources.

For teachers with SMART boards this is an invaluable resource for finding different types of lessons that use the SMART board functions. For new teachers this is a way to get a resource and get a better understanding of how the SMART board works. You can actually search via your state standards in your grade and subject area and get directly related resources as well.  For anyone with a SMART board this website is a must have and a great teacher resource. Content is created by teachers, publishers and SMART Technologies.

I find this website useful as a teacher with a SMART board. Without a SMART board this resource is useless, but with one it is invaluable. Subject area, grade level and state are all accounted for and provide useful resources. While some areas have more resources than others, because of the community input there is always expanding resources. You do need to sort through the material and it is not uncommon to download a resource and find that it is not quite what you wanted, but if you are looking for something in particular this is a very useful supplement to your curriculum.
SMART Exchange supports 43 different countries and over 20 languages. (link)

Varied. The website itself is very simple but easy to navigate. The lessons themselves vary based on who created them, some are more complex than others, and the teaching methods can vary as well. With any sort of community resource you can except the quality to vary.

SMART Technologies and the community within.

Point of View or Bias
Varies with community input, but no overwhelming bias.

Referral to Other Sources
Other SMART resources.

Updated regularly.

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