Inspire                Develop                Model                Citizenship                Growth

1. Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity

This is a growing need for our students. We have spent many years educating students on how to retain knowledge. Knowledge is now at our fingertips and it is becoming more and more important trying to figure out how to use that knowledge. We as teachers need to be guides to help students think through and solve problems. We need to get our students interested in learning and collaboration and technology is all around us anymore. Students and teachers need to grab on to these tools and start creating.

Wiki Wiki Waugh (1a,1d)

Wiki Wiki Waugh is my classroom website. I use it to give daily assignments, to have students create and share resources, to provide my own resources, show off student work and offer classroom and homework help.

Positive Behavior Support Paper (1b)

Positive Behavior Support is a data driven approach to changing culture within a school from a focus on discipline to a focus on positives. This paper is about my time with the PBS team.
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PBS Data Presentation (1b,1c)

A presentation to the staff based off of the data found from our PBS tracking done with a few years of data.

Progression of Daycare Design (1a,1b)

This slideshow shows the progression toward building a daycare brochure and advertisement. You can see how the design started in its planning form as just an idea through the different pictures and feelings evoked from the designs. Slide 27 is the final brochure.

Wiki Wiki Waugh Video Walkthrough (1a)

This screen-cast is a walk through of an older version of Wiki Wiki Waugh. As a way for students to be able to understand what they could find and do in this wiki.
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