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An educational resource directed at schools to use with their students. There are activities, games, quizzes all presented in a flashy entertaining way that keeps all parties interested and involved.

BrainPop has animated, curriculum-based content that engages students, supports educators, and bolsters achievement. (About Us) It is designed to be a supplemental curriculum for students. It is a very interactive and entertaining way for students to fill in gaps or cover a topic for the first time. There is also a BrainPop Jr, BrainPop ESL, BrainPop Espanol, and BrainPop Educators.

The educators site has free lesson plans, trainings, and other resources. BrainPop Jr. is directed at K-3 students and has the usual subjects presented in a kid friendly way. BrainPop Espanol is the main site but in Spanish. BrainPop ESL is an English language learners website, (ESL can be translated in a variety of languages.)
The main BrainPop focuses on learning Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Engineering, Health, and Arts & Music. Subscriptions are available for schools, districts, media labs, classrooms, libraries, homeschooling, families, and virtual schools. A yearly family plan would cost $99.

If your school or district has subscribed to this (which mine has) this is a great resource to allow students to have fun working on subjects at home in a variety of ways. You can monitor your students and use it as a supplemental curriculum or as a way to introduce a brand new topic. K-12 topics are covered between BrainPop Jr and the main site.

A very high quality website. Everything is put together very well and for an educational game resource, it is top notch. It costs a hefty subscription fee and in turn puts a lot of quality content for the price. A very trustworthy site that has won a variety of awards (Reputation)

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Updated regularly.

Traffic Rank is 38,123 in the World
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In the last 3 months there has been a -8% change in visitors visiting BrainPop.
The load time for BrainPop is .828 seconds which is an fast speed.
Relative to the general internet population edutopia is most popular with 35-54 year old Females with children at home.

There are 43 total problems. 42 should fix, and 1 may fix.
Some of the problems are that the text input fields don't have a default value,
the absolute font sizes are used, and the xkeyword form element doesn't' feature a label.

There are 4 accessibility errors. The errors are from a linked image missing alternative text and form labels missing.
There are also some missing structure and invisible content.

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BrainPop has a grade of a 93/100
There are 12,000 indexed pages.
There is no BrainPop blog.
On the 10 point MOZ scale of link authority and popularity BrainPop has a 6.3
There are 7,498 linking domains.

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Rank is 106,559 out of over 9 million.
BrainPop has 4,306 followers
BrainPop's animated, curriculum-based content supports educators and engages students around the world.
We are web-delivered and aligned to academic standards.
New York, New York.

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