Inspire                Develop             Model          Citizenship             Growth

3. Model Digital-Age Work and Learning

There is an expectation to students that a math teacher knows math or a science teacher knows science. If we want to incorporate technology into education there needs to be that same expectation. In order to be able to be comfortable with and be able to teach something we as teachers need to be able to ourselves learn the technology and then be able to demonstrate it.

Math Poem (3c,d)

I used a program called TalkShoe (I called in with my cell phone) to recite a couple of math poems. Showing students another example of how to use digital tools without the need for major technologies.

Prezi Presentation (3a,c,d)

The Home Access Center is how our parents and students are able to use and navigate students grades, behaviors, and teacher notes and assignments. The Prezi presentation is a new way to show and explore a presentation.

Design Family (3d)

A slideshow of my digital collection of a design family for the fictional daycare service Breathe Easy. Showing students how you can create a family of designs that are different but feel the same and belong together.

MSed: Information Technology (3a,b,c,d)

My entire two years in the Information Technology program gave me many needed resources in order to better understand and use technology.

My Classroom Technology (3c,d)

Two work computers, a document camera, a TV, and a smart board with projector. With this technology in the class I am able to model and use technology daily.

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